Jumpstart your writing in 10 minutes


81% of people want to write a book. That means, if you go to dinner with 10 other people, 8 of them have daydreamed (perhaps frequently) about seeing their name on a book cover.

So why don’t they write one?

The average book is 60,000 words. When you know what you want to say, it’s easy enough to write 1,000 words/hour.

Organize your thoughts for 30 minutes before you write and that’s 1.5 hours a day. You can also plan while you're taking a shower, driving, cooking, eating, cleaning, exercising, etc.

You could write a substantive, first draft of a book in two months – rather than spending years fantasizing about it.

It’s not an issue of time. We easily rearrange life tasks for a sick child or family member. A new video game, interesting article online, Facebook post, movie or TV show.

It’s a matter of avoidance.

We don’t carve out that hour and a half because of fear.

Sometimes we overcome our fears in an act of bravery. But we fail to build momentum because our actions are random and isolated.

The next time you are stuck with your creative project, try this:

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Get a pen and paper or open up a new document on your computer.

Divide your piece of paper into three equal sections:

  • Not enough time
  • Nervous
  • Not clear on

Now... write the first thing that comes into your mind for each section:

Not enough time: why don't you have the time to work on a project you keep thinking about almost every day? What do you feel pressured to do instead? What else has come up that you weren't expecting? Allow yourself to complain and whine and moan.

Nervous: what makes you anxious about your project? Where do you feel out of your league? Confused? Stuck? What are you sick of? Where do you wish you could wave a magic wand and make it all better?

Not clear on: where are you going around in circles? What doesn't make sense in your project? Are there gaps in logic? Is something lame or cliche?

After free writing for 10 minutes, what did you discover?