“Don’t be deceived by its relative brevity. This book is both profound and easy to read.”
— Claire P. Hayes, Everyday Happiness
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Is self-doubt killing off your creative dreams?

Break through your fears with the three simple steps in this book!


Fear is a part of everyone's creative process, no matter how sparkly the end result. Your goal is not to kill fear off, but to unearth its hidden wisdom and integrate it into a plan of action that fires you up. Here, you’ll find potent, how-to content interspersed with an honest story of public triumph, financial catastrophe and eventual rebirth.

Other books on creativity are heavy on inspiration, but lack practical steps. Or they’re hands-on, but too long to finish. Learn how to trust your inner voice again and have fun conjuring something out of nothing. You’re a wizard! Transform your fears and get back to making creative magic with the three steps.

Follow my journey from creative disaster to discovery and reclaim your own creative power!

Includes free, downloadable worksheets

“Real, actionable strategies for working through your blocks.”
— Corinne O'Flynn, Ghosts of Witches Past
“Jennifer Newcomb Marine powers up your courage to do exactly what you were born to do.”
— Ann Imig, Founder, Listen to Your Mother book and nationwide speaker series