When one door closes...

We're leaving in a few minutes to my oldest daughter's school.  Yesterday was Sophie's ABSOLUTE last day of high school and she was euphoric.  She worked her little butt off and finished a year early and we're all so proud of her.  This morning, we're all meeting (both families) for a big celebratory breakfast and then, in a few days, we'll go out for a fancy dinner. Mid-June, Sophie leaves for Europe for several months.  She's going with an older friend who's more experienced at traveling, they have places to stay with friends all lined up, a chunk of money and a wide-open agenda.  I look at her leaving the nest with a bit of envy, an abundance of pride and a fair amount of wonder at the fact that... she's going.  She's aiming herself squarely at the whole big, wide world and I won't be there to harp on her, remind of anything, fret and fuss over her....

She's on her own!

Is there even ONE parent out there who sees this happen and feels complete and at peace with the full sum of their parenting?

All we can do is cross our fingers that all goes for the best, be excited for her and all the adventures she's about to have, including the near-disasters that will make for funny stories later (and that I'll be glad I'm ignorant of now!) and take comfort in the fact that we're supporting her in living her dreams.

What doors will be opening for her?  What doors are closing for us as parents?

Make sure to squeeze your kids while you have them around!

© 2008 Jennifer Newcomb Marine All Rights Reserved

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