The new contract is here! The new contract is here!

(with apologies to Steve Martin) It was so cool to get our new book contract by FedEx yesterday as my daughter Maddie (13) and I were heading to the library. She opened the box from the back seat and I smiled as she read the cover letter from the editor out loud. Then, she perused the contract and asked a few detailed questions, which we ended up dissecting.... "Wow, that's really good, that part -- huh, Mom? And free copies too? Cool!"  She's a wonderful artist and writer herself, plus she devours books like they were food.  I think she enjoyed seeing how the book world works from the other side...

It's a bit scary reading these convoluted things though. I've tried to learn as much as I can about the finer points, but still, couldn't they write them in plain English? I'm lucky to have such amazing fonts of knowledge in my writers group.

So, five copies for both Carol and I to sign, then send back. Then, voila, an advance will soon arrive by mail.  Heady times! And lots of work as I write every weekday and we brainstorm every week, plotting out No One's the Bitch: Ten Secrets to Strengthening Families, One Ex-wife/Stepmother Partnership at a Time.

Yes, there are ten secrets. Why ten? Because it's a nice round number.... And because that's just the way the book worked out. The secrets can be followed sequentially, or the reader can jump around and dip into whatever material attracts them.

It'll come out either spring or summer of next year (need to find out for sure), but in the meantime, I'll be posting here as much as I can, though the posts will likely be shorter, since the brain might be a little fried.

Hope everyone's enjoying the summer!

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