A glimpse into Carol's world...

And now, a shout-out to Carol, who's busy every day of the week in her studio and at her site Painting a Day, cranking out one masterpiece after another. I know such a statement will make her cringe, but truly, I am in awe of her talent, and discipline. She's taught me a lot about loosening up when it comes to creativity - letting things go as you make them, trusting and knowing that the well will replenish itself.

Check out a recent landscape:

And I just love how these pears seem to be glowing!Resolved_Carol

Here's a link to a very popular video of hers (scroll down to May 26, 2008) showing her technique in action. She has fans all over the world and will be teaching a workshop next week in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

She sells her paintings on eBay and does very well. I'm happy for her and proud of her too. Just thought people might enjoy learning more about the other half of our team.  : )

As the book goes along, we'll be probing the depths of our relationship to each other, looking for dirt. That's one of the best ways for people to understand the nature of this mother/stepmother beast, and also to see that there's a way out of the muck.  Should be interesting to pull up that old stuff up.  And it's also a testament to our friendship and the trust that we have in each other that we can!

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