Horror Stories from my Former Enemy - or - Painting in Germany

I know it's been incredibly quiet here. I've been working on the book and Carol (and the rest of the family too) just returned from Germany. Here's one of her daily paintings from her stay in Schluchsee, a picturesque little town in the Southwestern part of the country. You can read more about the creation of her painting here.


Neat story behind their trip: David (Carol's husband, my ex) recently connected with his birth parents in Germany and he, Carol and our two daughters went to meet them for the very first time and stay for a visit. It's been an exciting, happy story -- and so cool to see photos of his birth parents and recognize my own children in their faces....

While Carol was away, I used some of her notes to add to the chapter on Communication (what I'm currently working on) until she got back. I've mentioned this before, but one thing we've done to bring the book to life was come up with a series of personal stories for each topic. Each story is an illustration of how we've each struggled in that particular area.

I tell you what, it's very odd to have a repository of horror stories about yourself, written by your former adversary!  I have to objectively scroll down the list for each new chapter and see which story seems to fit where, then brainstorm with Carol about tweaking. Very odd, but interesting to work through this stuff....

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