Slow family living -- pressing the reset button

It's all too easy to focus on the problems in your family, whether you're a stepmom unhappy with the bio-mom, a single mom who wishes the stepmom wasn't in the picture, or an ex-wife who's remarried and still struggling with the reality of "two" families.  

But it's all still a matter of focus... Where are you turning your attention?

On what isn't working?

What works?

Where you'd like to be?

Check out this wonderful new site called Slow Family Living, with a free downloadable workbook. It's all about a movement that's sure to find a stronger footing in a culture that values busyness so much we're often not even experiencing our present! For hours and hours, days, weeks, months -- years can go by in a blur and then, we look around, and wonder how our lives "arranged" themselves as they have.

Here's a sample:

When you are more resourced you are more present. When you are more present you are more tuned in to your own needs and the needs of everyone in the family. When you are more tuned in to the needs of each individual everyone feels seen. When everyone feels seen everyone feels safe. When everyone feels safe there is harmony. When there is harmony there is more love, more connection, more ease, more fun and more joy. When there is more love, connection, ease, fun and joy there’s more desire to be together as a family.

Fantastic stuff. Don't forget to get your free workbook!

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