We did it!

  Wow! Yesterday was a whirlwind! We were flooded with emails, tons of hits, and the book soared to Number 2 on Amazon's Bestseller list in two categories: Divorce and Stepparenting!! It's still bouncing around from No. 1 to No. 9 in their Hot New Releases categories too. Very exciting!

This book has been five years in the making and the project almost fell apart twice, but it looks like our persistence paid off....

Thanks, everyone!

It's been a fun ride, and later on today Carol and I are being interviewed by The Washington Post. We thought it was going to happen yesterday and then it was postponed 'til today. I called Carol right before yesterday's time and we were both a bundle of nerves. Perhaps today we'll go ahead and each invest in our own personal package of Depends® so we'll be totally ready....

And poor Carol! She's right in the middle of teaching a 5-day painting workshop to 19 students at the Sedona Arts Center in New Mexico and was having to switch hats on pretty short notice, while her students waited for her. (She calls her students her "kids," which is hilarious, since almost all of them are older than her and she looks like she's 12....) Luckily today, she'll be done with class and we can just relax and have fun on the phone (hopefully!).

Here's hoping our book helps to ease conflict between families -- and create some new connections between moms and stepmoms!

© 2009 Jennifer Newcomb Marine All Rights Reserved

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