Evil stepmothers have feelings too (Globe and Mail)

Here's the Globe and Mail article by Sarah Hampson that's based on our interview from yesterday morning, it's called "Evil stepmothers have feelings too." She works fast! I think the piece accurately represents some of the struggles that stepmoms go through -- and also features thoughts on the issue by Wednesday Martin, author of "Stepmonster." What do y'all think? Anything missing? (I did respond to one of the commenters who thought we should have included more information about the father's role in all this.)

Check it out!

Will post a link to our KO-OP interview just as soon as I have one - it was fun to be in the studio with the big headphones on and super-springy mic stands.

The value of slowing down and reconnecting If you'd like to see the video of Slow Family Living's appearance on the Today Show, you can find it here. Carrie Contey did great!

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