Happy Stepfamily Day!!

Happy Stepfamily Day to all the stepfamilies out there!

Bubbles Being in a stepfamily has its unique challenges, but there are also many opportunities to create new and lasting connections, new opportunities for love and support. Surprising little islands of closeness and intimacy, the chance to really see each other anew. Sure, I hear many stories about how hard it is, but I also hear lots of stories about how folks have made it work.

The wonderful thing about being human? Even if things are bad, they can change in an instant with words from the heart, with vulnerability, with emotional bravery.

So to all those folks out there who are trying, who are giving it their best, who keep hanging in there sometimes through hurt feelings and misunderstandings, I salute you!

Bubble_time And to those of you who have started to create a solid line of happy memories behind you that are building up, I salute you too!

If you're not in a stepfamily and are a single parent, you might also want to take a moment to reflect on how tricky it can be to a part of one of these family units, with various loyalties jockeying for position. We all want the best for our kids, don't we? We want them to live in an atmosphere of love and support and stability, so send the stepfamily in your life a little wish for peace and happiness, just for today!

Blue_balloons Here's a little song to share, even though it has nothing to do with families or the topic of this blog, called Micro Melodies. It's just one of my favorite songs in the whole world, from a wonderful band called The Album Leaf. I often write to their music and this song in particularly makes me insanely happy.

You know how you can hear and imagine reflections of human emotions and experiences in music? Perhaps there's a hint of life's challenges in these chords, which then always go back to a lighter, more joyful place, along with a certain quirkiness that appeals. (Remind me never to try to earn a living as a music critic!).

At any rate, enjoy! (and ignore the video part, which is a just a static picture of a city).

And enjoy the day!

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