Still looking!

So we've gotten some great responses from folks willing to appear on the Dr. Phil Show with us, but we're still looking... I've passed everything along to the producers.

Keep those messages coming! (

As it stands, there's a film crew coming to my house tomorrow morning at 8 sharp, so I'm doing my best not to freak out (hilarious task). We all fly out on Monday and then shoot on Tuesday, then fly back home after the show.

David (Carol's husband, my ex) will apparently be up on the stage with us for a portion of our segment (the first half of the show, whoa), so all you stepmoms out there who would love to have your guy get a dude's perspective should set up your recorders! He's quaking in his boots, because, while Carol and I have had the benefit of countless interviews together, he hasn't....

They'll be giving everyone in the audience a copy of our book, which is REALLY cool!


What would YOU like to hear us talk about on the show?

What are your most pressing concerns?

What really needs to be talked about when it comes to this subject?

Here's your chance to shape the discussion of these issues, with the stepmom, the father and the ex-wife, all in the same room with a no-BS therapist (that would be DP himself).

Your thoughts???