Texas Book Festival and onward to Dr. Phil!

If you live in Austin, or thereabouts, come say hello to Izzy Rose and I at our table at the Texas Book Festival this weekend! (Carol's out of town.) We'll be there gabbing up a storm while inhaling gallons of coffee, and passing out vast amounts of candy and raffle tickets for some cool prizes (Vino Vino wine, decadent chocolate, and a very cool apron).

And we're ON for the Dr. Phil Show for sure!

Airline tickets were purchased a few days ago and they found a great stepmom/mom team in need of some help. Woohoo!! I know a lot of stepmoms in particular will be very, very interested in what happens with these two women. Let's send them a big dose of good wishes in advance, okay? Can you imagine how nerve-wracking this might be for them??!!

Shooting footage at our houses yesterday was fascinating, but also surreal. Strange to have to keep breaking down your answers into proper sentences without the um's and well's and uh's - and using names instead of pronouns. Hard to put feeling into it when you're saying the same basic thing (with slight variations) for the 3rd or 4th time. And how many of us would love to have a camera about five inches from our face???

At least our homes are spotless now. Just like when you have a party. Only different.

David, Carol and I leave for L.A. Monday morning, they tape the show on Tuesday, and I don't know when the air date will be, but I'll let everyone know as soon as we do. (Could be next week. Could be the week after that...)

And our lovely and talented camerawoman wasn't Barbara Walters, but she did manage to make me cry, more than once. I'm half afraid that the co-mingling of two parallel facts is going to be interpreted the wrong way on the air, but... I'll have to come back to that later. :-)

Turning in early tonight so Izzy and I we can get up at the crack of dawn and pretend we're farmers, planting books in the fields.... In zip lock baggies. During dry weather.

Okay, maybe just laying them on a pretty table with flowers. 

Please continue to send in questions you'd like us to cover on Tuesday while we're wearing our adult diapers, on stage.

More soon!!

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