Never-before-seen Carol and Jen videos!


These videos were filmed in Carol and David's backyard, before the fire, along with almost 1,700 homes and over 34,000 acres. Sadly, none of those trees are alive anymore... Sorry for the lousy quality. The originals were lost somehow over the years.

I've had these three videos of Carol and I hanging around in a tech vault somewhere and completely forgot about them! They're Part 2 of the following topics:

  • The most common problems between divorced moms and stepmoms
  • What to do if "the other woman" doesn't want to get along
  • The benefits of working together

Our thinking has evolved a bit since then, in that we're much more aware of how some women really shouldn't keep trying to make it work -- and should just focus instead of creating healthy boundaries between houses and focusing on their own happiness and that of their family. 

We hope you'll find them helpful. Here's Part 1 of 6 videos:

You can find the rest HERE. 

Enjoy! We'd love to hear what you think!

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