Weird: being wrong feels like being right!

One subject that we talk a lot about here is how difficult it can be to see the other person's perspective. And because you can't see it, you end up digging in your heels in a difficult situation, attributing intentions to them that may be wildly off the mark and stoking your own emotional fires.

Check out this fascinating TED talk by author Kathryn Schultz, who wrote "Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error."

Her site, Being Wrong, is definitely worth checking out. You'll find links to a Slate series with high-profile people about how they "think and feel about being wrong."

"The miracle of your mind isn’t that you can see the world as it is. It’s that you can see the world as it isn’t."

We will contort ourselves like Cirque du Soleil gymnasts to convince ourselves that our position is the best one, when sometimes - not always - we're making decisions based on only half the facts.

And even though we may secretly suspect on some level that we're missing something, we'll plow ahead, counting on the intensity of our feelings to let us know we're on track.

Schulz takes us on an entertaining trip into the funhouse of our mind.

Let us know what you think and if you've ever backed yourself into a self-righteous corner, only to eat humble pie later!

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